Life Experiences

I left this post alone originally and there it sat on my page saying “First Blog Post”.  It taunted me daily.  I wasn’t sure where I was going with this whole “blog” idea.  I am not an expert at anything and I don’t have one particular interest that I could write about over and over.  What I do have is many life experiences that are extremely different and I could share them to provide some knowledge or ideas to others.

I can give some tips on caregivers, cancer, hiking, swimming, refinishing furniture, cooking, fishing, plumbing, day care, running a business, driving a semi….the list goes on.  I can give inspiration and ideas and tips on what to avoid.  Yes, this I can write about over and over because it’s not ever going to be one item.  I hope that you enjoy and learn from some of the fun and not so fun things I have tried in life.