Does anyone recognize this glove?

I embarked on a new career close to a year ago.  Sitting at a desk, typing on a computer with little interaction with the real world had gotten old.  My computer screen didn’t smile back at me.  I chose a field where I saw the best opportunity to meet new people, to see new places, and of course earn enough of the green stuff to cover my obligations in life.

I became a truck driver.  More politically correct, I became a Professional Driver with my Class A CDL.  What makes a 47 year old woman want to do that is probably what you’re thinking and I would too if I didn’t know the person.  Those who know me were not surprised in the least.

Getting the CDL was the most challenging thing I have done in life, but a close second was finding a pair of work gloves that fit my hand and lasted more than one week.  I didn’t need gloves at first.  A cheap, over-sized pair was fine for raising and lowering the landing gear.  It was when I decided to run on the Dollar General account that the need for gloves went to top of the critical tool list.  Let me explain why gloves were so important.

I had to hand unload a full 53’ trailer that had anywhere from 40-50 rolltainers on it.  What’s a rolltainer?  It’s like a giant shopping cart stacked full of products and weighs anywhere from 500 – 1000 lbs.  You have to grab the metal and pull to unload them and then turn around and push them into the store.  After that, you have cardboard boxes on top of the rolltainers, usually at least 100 boxes per stop.  You have to grab them down or if you dump them down on the floor you have to pick them up so you need a glove with some grip.  Some padding on the palm and knuckles would be a bonus.

My first pair of gloves actually fit really well.  They were a women’s pair and not too big for my small hands.  Reasonably priced at $15.  Great Grips gloves made with spandex, pigskin leather, and synthetic leather.  I thought my search was over except for one small problem.  Your hands sweat when working hard and the gloves were black and purple.  Oh yes, you can imagine the color my hands were every time I took off the gloves.  How embarrassing handing the customer paperwork with black dyed hands and around the fingernails it was the worst.  I found a remedy by washing the gloves with saddle soap.  What a mess and it took a lot of time, but it did work.  No more ugly colored messy hands.  Unfortunately after 3 weeks, the gloves were toast in the finger tips.  That wasn’t an option.  Who wants to buy gloves every 3 weeks that take hours to clean before you can wear them?

I went through plenty of gloves after that.  I always bought leather or fake leather and tried to find them to fit my hands, but that was impossible.  The fingers were always too long and the wrists were huge that they slid off constantly.  One pair, Lamont, had a tie to tighten the wrist but they were men’s gloves and the fingers were too long so another bust there.  Most of the gloves I bought, I would wear through the finger tips after only 2 weeks.  None of them had any reinforced finger tips.  The mechanic gloves were too bulky and didn’t bend well.  The time to search the internet for the perfect glove just didn’t exist.  Walmart doesn’t sell women’s work gloves in the store.  In fact, I couldn’t find any store that sold women’s work gloves(not gardening gloves).  Another issue with Walmart is that all of their men’s gloves were large or extra-large.  Aren’t there hard working men with smaller hands?

How can a world with everything in it including a stupid fidget spinner, not have a pair of decent work gloves for women?  And then a miracle happened, or at least a stroke of luck in my glove nightmare.  Shopping at Ross and they had an area with miscellaneous items.  There was a pair of gloves that showed promise.  The finger tips are reinforced and have a grip to them.  Can it be?  I won’t have boxes sliding out of my fingers?  They are a medium – perfect fit.  They have a Velcro strap to tighten on the wrist.  They are orange and gray, of which I could care less what color they are, I want performance!  Of all things, they are not work gloves.  Well, not marketed as work gloves, but they are the perfect work glove.  Cycling gloves.  They were cheap $6 and lasted the longest of any I had found.  Now the struggle continues.  I can’t tell you who makes the gloves, the information on the tags has worn off, the receipt long gone, and there is no name on them anywhere.

All I have is a picture of my perfect work glove, cycling glove, or whatever.   You can call it whatever you want to.  Does anyone recognize this glove?  I would really like to thank the manufacturer for producing such a high quality glove along with buy another pair!  The perfect women’s work glove.


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